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  • Oilfield Fracturing Truck and Cementing Unit

Main Truck Models: Fracturing truck, blender, liquid nitrogen pump truck, cementing truck, coiled tubing and nitrogen generating truck.

Main Brands: Special vehicle equipment and fittings produced by Halliburton, Stewart & Stevenson, Western, SJ Petroleum Machinery, Hydra Rig, Tianjin Kaide, etc. FMC, SPM fluid control components, Rexroth pneumatic components, Parker hydraulic parts, Bendix pneumatic components, Kenworth parts, Eaton parts, etc.

Main Products: Pump, motor, movable elbow, deformed elbow, butterfly valve, plug valve, pneumatic chuck, combined manifold, one-way valve, vent valve, fracturing sensor, parker pump and many hydraulic pump valves, Hydra Rig cold junction, parts for plunger, parts for Knox Western supercharger, etc.

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